200ml Large Bottle cleaner mobile phone LCD Cleaner Screen Cleaning Kit For LCD Laptop Screen CD Wipe Dust Clean Monitor
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Size (L x W x H) 22 cm x 11 cm x 11 cm
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  • Used for LCD,computer monitor, LCD, Lens.
  • Waterless cleaning technology can help you sterilize and anti-static function.
  • Used for LCD,computer monitor, LCD, Plasm , Lens, Touch screen etcAlso use it to clean VCD, DVD, CD-ROM and so on.
  • This professional cleaning kit is exclusively desighed for clear digital and analog photographic devices.
  • Especially glass ,plastic and multicoated lens and filters,photographic devices should be cleaned softly and immediately are using.


  • Could clean the dust most effectively and completely
  • Cleans without scratch and damaging surface.
  • Keep the LCD screen bright and clean like new one.
  • The brush is used to remove the dust and dirt away
  • Comes with a superfine fiber cloth, help to absorb water/moist and dust effectively.
  • Anti-static and dust proof.
  • LCD screen cleaning: Can be used to clean the TFT Display screen, notebook screen, PDA screen, Printer screen and CD safely. It could be used in safe, and will not hurt the screen, leaves no polishing trails.
  • House electronics cleaning: Can be used to clean the Liquid crystal TV, Plasma TV and so on.
  • Various kinds of CD cleaning: Can clean all kinds of CD, Polishing CD, VCD and DVD, you should fold the edge of cloth inward and polish it from the central of the CD to the edge, so that no batting or scratched trails will be left.

Cleaner Spray : Not corrosive to the screen, can effectively clean stubborn stains, leaving no traces, safe and reliable.

Pearl towel : The wipe cloth is made of oily ultra-fine fibers. The diameter of ultra-fine fibers is about 0.1-0 .3 UM. It can efficiently and quickly adsorb oil tartar, and the ultra-fine fibers are made of high density. Strong water absorption.


Scope of application

1. LCD screen: It can be used to clean TFT LCD monitors, notebook computer screens, and PDAs. It can be used with confidence without damaging the screen coating and leaving no traces of wiping.

2. Home appliance cleaning: It can be used to clean the screens of home appliances such as LCD TVs, rear-projection TVs, plasma TVs, etc., and lightly wipe the screen to be as bright as new.

3 , all kinds of cleaning disc: Wipe VCD, DVD disc, light cleaning cloth folded edge inwardly by the CD in the heart to the wiping edge, without leaving lint and scratches


1, the cleaning cloth is not will scratch damage the surface, but the blowing and ash adhering dust particles but may scrape wound object table surface, solid please immediately after use clean wash;

2, ultra- fine fiber cleaning cloth edge stitch engaging portion may scratch injury fine fine surface, before use set sewing together the edges folded toward the inside is not to be directly connected to an object of wiping contact ; wiper significant shown, a request to cut off the source;

3, after wiping the screen with a cleaning agent, note that even with a dry cloth fleece surface thereof, to avoid leaving marks trace.

4. If you accidentally spray your eyes, please wash your eyes with clean water. This product is non-toxic and harmless, please rest assured to use

Brand : New
Material: Plastic + Cloth
Clean liquid: 200ml
Cloth Size: about 16 x 18cm

Package Included
1* Bottle of cleaning liquid
1* piece of cloth

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What's in the box

1 x Bottle 200ml Cleaner 

1 x Clean cloth

Packing Weight = 0.5kg